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Participants travel from all over California for Sacramento color-run

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AUGUST 08, 2012

You can’t run with scissors in the happiest 5k race on earth, but you can run with chalk in neon colors.

Toddlers, teenagers and grown-ups in tiaras and tutus braved pink, yellow, orange, purple and green colored powder to paint Picassos on their white t shirts as they ran though Sacramento’s downtown streets on Saturday.

“We dedicate this run to all the cool kids who inspire us to color our lives with creativity,” said Crystal Brooks, a pastry chef from Midtown Sacramento waiving her hands in the air in excitement as she danced with three of her friends for the Color Run to start.

The color stations resemble food fights with colored cornstarch as ammunition. Each station during a stage of the run carried a fluorescent color — 1k was yellow, 2K was orange, 3K pink and 4k blue with green at the finish line.

“I wanted to be in the happiest run on earth. The videos looked so much fun on YouTube,” said Jessie Wong, 19, a sophomore attending the University of California, Berkeley who graduated from high school in Elk Grove.

At the halfway point, 15,000 runners filled up with water at a station set up next to a truck carrying a large aluminum cylinder like the ones that refill gas stations.

“Yeah, that truck is a beauty. It carries a 60,000 gallon tank,” explains Lee Richie, 72, the main water tender, “We’ve used it in statewide to supply drinking water to major forest fire crews, for concerts, festivals and other foot races, but we’ve never seen anything like this.”

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AUGUST 19, 2012