Student group move from Eshleman Hall delayed

Joe Wright/File
The move of student groups out of Eshleman Hall and into Hearst Gym has been delayed due to coding issues.

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Due to building code issues with the new facility at the campus Hearst Gym, the Aug. 9 to 10 move-out dates for the ASUC offices and campus student groups that are currently housed in Eshleman Hall have been postponed.

The Hearst Gym location is currently dealing with code issues — which involve a necessary check of the gym’s fire sprinkler system by campus Fire Marshal Tony Yuen, who is currently out sick — that could set the move back an extra week.

ASUC Executive Vice President Justin Sayarath, who is in charge of the move, said he is currently waiting for a new move-out date from his project manager.

“(The delay) is cutting our deadline really close,” Sayarath said. “We really hope it won’t impact when students can be in the space — we recognize the need for students to get into their spaces.”

Open Computing Facility General Manager Dara Adib said in an email that the ASUC has had a difficult job having to move in all the student groups, especially with the delay.

“Surprises are no surprise when you have to quickly move many diverse student groups right before fall semester begins,” Adib said in the email.
The ASUC still plans to hold a space and orientation meeting for the student groups on Aug. 20 to give the groups information about access to their spaces at Hearst Gym.

ASUC officials facilitated a stakeholder process in the spring semester during which members from student groups — approximately 200 of which will have to be relocated — communicated their space needs. Space was then assigned after an application process.

Along with considering factors involved in the move, Sayarath said his team still has to take into account lock and combination distribution for cages, signage to signify locations for groups and telephone checks.

According to Sayarath, the original plan was for student groups to move their items over the course of the past week, which would give time for Sayarath and ASUC Student Spaces Deputy Briana Mullen to reinventory student groups’ boxes.

Mullen said she and Sayarath have had tribulations with the *large-scale* move but are looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labor. She also said an upside of the move for students is that they can evaluate how they have been using their space and how they can grow with the transition into a downsized, shared space facility.

“We’re hoping everyone can be flexible,” she said. “The change in environment will reinvigorate students’ (primary group) mission.”