Editors’ Note

It’s an exciting year to be a student at UC Berkeley.

With the times being as financially trying as they are, the UC is at a turning point. With the it’s immediate financial security hinging on voter’s passing Prop. 30 at the polls in Nov. For the first time, the fate of the UC is in the hands of California voters, who will decide which way forward the UC will go.

Regardless of the unpredictibility of the school system’s financial situation, there are many good things going on this fall at Berkeley as well.

In this issue, we’ll discuss the campus’ future — with frats considering moving off-campus, a renovation to the Student Center, and a preview of upcoming concerts in and around Berkeley.

We also explore Berkeley’s past, by exploring Telegraph Avenue’s political significance and by profiling a seminar that was designed to teach students about the school’s place in the history of the country’s universities.

We discuss the trials and tribulations leading up to Memorial Stadium’s renovation and upcoming re-opening.
With the new academic year’s beginning today, in this issue, we analyze the impact choices of UC administrators, students, community members and Berkeley residents have made and must continue to make.

-Amruta Trivedi and Mia Shaw

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