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UC Berkeley releases 2012-2013 enrollment data for entering students

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AUGUST 23, 2012

UC Berkeley released data outlining the ethnic and geographical make-up of the fall 2012 entering freshman and transfer classes late Thursday.

About 41 percent of freshman students admitted to UC Berkeley for fall 2012 enrolled, making the incoming class 5350 students. In the wake of decreased state funding — which made up about 11 percent of the campus’s budget last year — administrators began efforts to bring nonresident enrollment to 20 percent of the total undergraduate student body. Last year, nonresident students made up about 16 percent of the total.

In this year’s entering freshman class, 24 percent are nonresident students, compared with 30 percent the year before.

This drop is reflective of this year’s admissions cycle, where UC Berkeley was the only undergraduate UC campus to not increase offers of admission to out-of-state and international students compared with the year before.

Two thousand five hundred eighty  transfer students enrolled at the campus this semester, 120 students fewer than last year. Eighty percent of the entering transfer class are California residents.

Here is a look at how the two classes compare:

(UC Berkeley Newscenter/Courtesy)
Amruta Trivedi is the assistant university news editor.

AUGUST 24, 2012