Thousands of dollars worth of electronics stolen from campus

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Twenty-nine iPads were reported stolen from the Lawrence Hall of Science Monday, a grand theft that, along with other stolen electronics, amounts to more than $13,000 in lost goods.

Along with the iPads, an Android electronic tablet and a set of headphones were stolen between June 15 and Aug. 10, according to the UCPD crime logs. The electronics are most likely campus property from the Lawrence Hall of Science, according to UCPD Lt. Marc DeCoulode.

In previous incidents, UCPD was able to track down stolen merchandise through Craigslist and other websites, but DeCoulode said that fewer people are selling stolen items on internet sales websites than in the past.

Checking on such websites is “kind of a shot in the dark,” DeCoulode said.

In July, UCPD recovered 39 computers stolen from Mulford Hall after computers were stolen in two separate incidents occurring between July 12 and July 15.

DeCoulode said more information on this set of stolen electronics will become available as the investigation continues.

Chloe Hunt is the lead crime reporter. Contact her at [email protected].