Tunes on Tuesday

Glassnote Records/Warner Bros. Records/Walt Disney Records/Courtesy

Ah Tuesday, that topsy-turvy day when new albums are released across the U.S. It’s the day you stroll over to your favorite record store and examine the freshest releases. Well, at least that’s what it used to mean; today more likely you’ve streamed a new record weeks before its release date. But the tunes are back on Tuesday, as I’ve endeavored to please you by discussing the best new tracks around.

For starters, a little tune from the upcoming Mumford & Sons album Babel has newly surfaced online. Expect no changes from the raspy British folk-rockers, as “I Will Wait” remains commendably consistent with the band’s earlier material. Greeted with another song about folksy love, replete with banjos and strings, Mumford & Sons fans will consider “I Will Wait” well worth the wait.

Another tune that has surfaced from Britain in the last week is Muse’s “Madness”, a taster of recently completed album The 2nd Law.  Like Mumford & Sons, Muse is also feeling the love, though in a more intergalactic and less countryside meadow kind of way. “Madness” is all about the insanity that grips the lovesick. A more mellow and electronic song than is typical for Muse, this track will divide the band’s followers into two camps.

Elsewhere, the legendary Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame) has penned an original song for Tim Burton’s new film “Frankenweenie Unleashed.” I know what you’re thinking, this song must be strange—it’s in fact titled “Strange Love”—but it’s as lovely as it is eccentric. This tune shows a softer side of Karen O, not quite as fierce but charming as always.

Love appears to be the common theme this week. Will next week prove as amorous? Tune in next Tuesday.