Local Limelight: Blaqk Audio

Blaqk Audio/Courtesy

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What happens when you merge electronic stylings with the angst of a ’90s alternative rock band? The slithering slickness that is Blaqk Audio. Formed from the singer and guitarist of Bay Area goth-punk band AFI, Blaqk Audio is the dark yet upbeat fusion of Davey Havok’s emo-style vocals and the head-swaying synth grooves of Havok and Jade Puget.

Although electronic elements had been steadily making their way into AFI’s music through their last two albums, Havok and Puget were able to fully channel their synthesizer ideas into Blaqk Audio in 2006 with their debut album CexCells. Here’s a track from their sophomore album Bright Black Heaven called, “Faith Healer”

The duo will be playing a show tomorrow in SF in honor of the release of their new album.


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