Tunes on Tuesday: Jay-Z and Kanye, Atoms for Peace, Calvin Harris and Florence Welch

Columbia Records/Courtesy

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This Tuesday brings rap gods Jay-Z and Kanye West, swaggering through the airwaves with the release of the new track “Clique,” featuring Kanye’s pal Big Sean. The two moguls extend their reign atop the rap world in typical tongue-in-cheek style, talking up their money making abilities and indulgent lifestyle. This time, however, they feel the need to proclaim their exclusivity, hence the hook, “Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with my clique.” Aside from expressing the sentiments of millions of 8th grade girls, the song is another commanding effort from the Watch the Throne pair.

Another supergroup of sorts, Thom Yorke’s side project Atoms for Peace has dropped a surprise new single entitled “Default.” Here the Radiohead man returns with yet another esoteric track combining staggered electronic beats with ethereal vocals. Though somewhat lacking in the musical depth of an average Radiohead song, “Default” is further evidence of Yorke’s ability to create multi-dimensional, strangely beautiful music.

But the top tune of the week award undoubtedly goes to “Sweet Nothing”, from Calvin Harris and Florence Welch. That’s right, the fairy goddess of pop has collaborated with the club music maestro to produce a simply massive track, marrying Florence’s raw vocal power with Harris’ production prowess. Half mad dance tune, half enchanting pop song, “Sweet Nothing” is overwhelmingly intoxicating. One shudders to think how awe-inspiring it would be if the two were to create an album together.