‘Pi in the Sky’ flies high over Berkeley

Tony Zhou/Staff
Five airplanes spewed out 1000 digits in the number ∏ out into the sky today.

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What’s that in the sky? A bird? A plane? … Pi?

Five planes took to the skies above the Bay Area Wednesday to create the world’s largest temporary art installation —  the first 1,000 digits of the infinite sequence of pi.

The 150-mile path of the planes began in San Jose around 11:45 a.m. and circled the Bay, flying north over Oakland and Berkeley around noon before turning west to fly over San Francisco and the Peninsula on their way back to San Jose. The entire flight was expected to last a little more than an hour.

The project was created by SF-based artist (ISHKY) and supported by pizone.org, a crowd-source resource that uses pi to educate and engage students and the public to become more interested in math and science through interactive games.

“This event also provides an interesting educational opportunity, reminding us of the importance of math and science in our lives,” said UC Berkeley astronomy professor Alex Filippenko, in an email sent to students.

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