Read Some Books: Music Edition

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“Waging Heavy Peace” by Neil Young

As an old man, Young is taking a look back at his life in his new autobiography. His tone is conversational and curt, and one doesn’t realize right away that it is Young writing until he opens a paragraph with, “I remember one day David Crosby and Graham Nash were visiting me…”

Whether talking about his music legend friends or his passion to revolutionize digital music for the true music lovers of today, his stream-of-consciousness account of the last 40 years of music-making is not pretentious or burdensome to the reader.

The book will be released Tuesday, September 25th.

“How Music Works” by David Byrne

As the head Talking Head, Byrne has also dabbled in visual art, film and writing. His intelligence comes forth in his far-reaching talents, but it is also impressive that his book explores music and what it means to him and others. In the first chapter alone he addresses the question: “What came first, the music or the venue?” alluding to Bach and CBGB in the same vein.

Byrne writes with a sophistication that respects the reader in its revelations, but still does not become haughty in its musical references. It’s clear that Byrne writes to share his love for music above anything else.

The book is already out and Byrne’s book tour comes to SF on October 16 at Herbst Theater.


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