State of the Art: Obamud, Special Delivery and Solar Tubes

Endless Canvas/Courtesy

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Switzerland may not first come to mind as an art hub, but going on right now is a massive photography festival called Images.

64 projects of artists from around the world will be displayed inside museum spaces as well as outside in the city of Vevey, such as this giant image of Cindy Sherman on the wall of a bank building. As their website notes, the city will “become a giant photo studio!”


The president’s face is one of the most reproduced images out there. Beginning with Shepard Fairey’s iconic campaign poster, countless artists have meditated over Obama’s sharply squinting eyes, prominent nose and large, protruding ears. Artist Trent Taylor created this portrait made of dirt just in time for election season. On his tumblr, he asks, “Anyone know how to get this to the president?”

San Francisco:

Giant rats, crocodiles, squirrels and goats have graced the walls of city around the world courtesy of Belgian-born street artist ROA. He is now taking over favorite SF gallery, 941 Geary, bringing his animals into a large-scale installation, “Dominant Species.” After seeing images of his work anywhere from Sydney to New York, I am certainly glad he is paying the Bay a visit.

East Bay:

It’s official! The dates for the Special Delivery Bay Area 2012 gallery have been announced. The art event that everyone is talking about, an underground art show put on by Bay Area street art site Endless Canvas, will be open to the public from September 23 to September 30, noon to 6pm. The warehouse, which is now covered by the work of over 80 street artists, is located at 1350 4th street in Berkeley.

Campus Area:

As Cal students, we are lucky enough to have two incredibly cutting edge, high profile exhibits right at our fingertips. Barry McGee has a show at the BAM and the Botanical Gardens are showing SOL Grotto, a sculptural installation composed of glass tubes left over from Solyndra, a green energy firm who recently filed for bankruptcy. Both have garnered significant local and national media buzz.



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