Film Fridays: ‘Looper,’ ‘The Hobbit,’ ‘Hitchcock’

TriStar Pictures/Courtesy

The big news this week was the overwhelming success of the Toronto Film Festival with The Guardian labeling it a serious challenge to Venice and Berlin’s preeminence on the
international festival circuit.

Rian Johnson’s Neo-noir “Looper” was premiered there last week to rapturous praise.
Some even called it the best sci-fi since Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 hit “Children of Men.” From
the look of the trailer, it looks just about as bleak too! Check out the critical response here.

Looking forward to December, the second trailer for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” was
released this week to generally positive reviews from fans after the mixed response
to Jackson’s decision to split JRR Tolkien’s classic novel into three films. You can find
the trailer here along with a deliciously nerdy frame by frame analysis. I’m holding my
opinion until the final film is released. The charm of “The Lord of the Rings” was the comparatively low
number of digital effects shots in each film (around 500 in “The Fellowship of the Ring” film
compared with over 2500 in the final “Star Wars” movie). One only hopes that in stretching
the small book over three films, Jackson doesn’t opt to pad his films with lengthy effects

The best news this week comes from Fox Searchlight, who have finally given us a release
for their Anthony Hopkins led Alfred Hitchcock biopic, “Hitchcock.” The film, which
follows the making of Hitchcock’s classic, “Psycho,” will hit screens on Nov. 23, right
in the beginning of Oscar season! Can’t wait!


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