State of the Art: Korean Fisherman Mural, Old Mona Lisa and Documentary Screening at Special Delivery

Hendrik Beikirch/Courtesy

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Abroad: Hendrik Beikirch’s Mural in Busan, South Korea

This monochromatic portrait of a Korean fisherman in his 60s climbs 230 feet up the Haeundae l’Park building, a residential tower in the city of Busan, South Korea. German artist Hendrik Beikirch created the image at the end of August. Beikirch conveys the hardships of the profession, but he also imparts a positive message of determination that can be read through the man’s outward-looking eyes, squinting far into the horizon. “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength” is printed in Korean at the bottom of the image.

US: Tim O’Brien on Discover Magazine’s Newest Issue

Portrait painter and illustrator Tim O’Brien was recently commissioned to create the cover for the newest issue of Discover Magazine about the aging world. He came up with this portrait of a wrinkling Mona Lisa that is simultaneously provocative, silly and creepy.

San Francisco: Six Lines of Flight at SFMOMA

Where New York, Rome, Berlin and Paris have long been known as art hubs, new art centers are springing up around the globe. As they become increasingly more interconnected, artists are converging at these new art centers, in cities like Beirut, Lebanon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Tangier, Morocco. In this new exhibit, artists from all over the world come together to reflect on this new revolution in contemporary art.

East Bay: Documentary Screening at Special Delivery

With just a few days left to see the Special Delivery Exhibit at the Carbon Warehouse in Berkeley, Endless Canvas has organized two screenings of “Vigilante Vigilante — The Battle for Expression” at 2 and 5pm on Sunday, its final day.

Campus Area: WILD Party at David Brower Center

The David Brower Center — which is right below campus on Allston Way — has put out several very engaging exhibits this year and does a lot of important community-based work surrounding social and environmental issues here in the Bay Area. To celebrate such an amazing year, the Center is throwing a benefit party on Friday night themed “WILD,” featuring untamed entertainment, food and decor.

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