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Governor signs bills affecting state's higher education institutions

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown announced Thursday that he had signed a number of bills that will affect students at the state’s higher education institutions.

Brown’s approval comes just days before the Sept. 30 deadline he has to make a decision on bills passed during the most recent session of the California state legislature.

Because the UC is legislatively independent of the state, many of these new laws would apply to the university only to the extent that the UC Board of Regents integrates them into its policies.

Read below for a list of the bills Brown signed:

SB 1052 / SB 1053
Together, these bills legislate the development of an open-source electronic textbook library for the 50 most popular classes across the state’s public colleges and universities. Though the UC regents will need to integrate provisions of the bill for it to take effect at the UC, the university formally endorsed the bills in July and requested, through a letter dated Sept. 6, that Brown sign them into law.

AB 970:
Drafted to curb the unpredictability of recent tuition increases, this bill will require that the California State University Board of Trustees start the process of consulting with student associations roughly six months before implementing future fee increases. While the UC opposed previous drafts of the bill, it took a neutral stance on the bill after it was sent to Brown’s desk for approval in August.

SB 1289:
This bill would require public, private and independent higher education institutions in the state, to make disclosures related to private student loans in financial aid material and distinguish private from federal loans in individual financial aid awards, among other requirements.

SB 1525:
This new law requires California universities with intercollegiate athletic programs that receive at least an average of $10 million in media rights revenue for intercollegiate athletics to extend scholarships and medical treatment for injured athletes.

SB 1349
This bill, which will go into effect Jan. 1, prohibits employees at the state’s colleges and universities from requesting and divulging usernames and passwords to students’ personal social media accounts. The UC’s stance on the bill is pending.

Amruta Trivedi is the assistant university news editor. Contact her at [email protected]

SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

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