Tunes on Tuesday: Ellie Goulding, Titus Andronicus, Cher Lloyd


It was clear from the outset that this Tuesday anything could happen, but just for reassurance Ellie Goulding has released a brand new single of the same name. A light, danceable song with a fair bit of synthesizer use, “Anything Could Happen” is a classic electro-pop tune with a Goulding twist: her signature hypnotic, upper-register vocals. With this track, the British starlet continues her emergence as quite the prevalent figure on club-music playlists.

Across the music spectrum, Titus Andronicus (the band, not Shakespeare’s gruesome tragedy) have come out with a rather pleasant new track entitled “In a Big City.” Its proneness to being played at the nearest Urban Outfitters aside, “In a Big City” is an amusing tune whose simplicity serves it well. The song’s robust guitar chords and irreverent vocals make it a carefree listen, with a feeling akin to sitting on an urban balcony on a warm summer afternoon.

This week’s strongest release arrives courtesy of the cute yet edgy Cher Lloyd, whose debut album Sticks & Stones (released today in the U.S.) is delightful confirmation that she’s the freshest, not to mention spunkiest pop artist around. The album’s best moment is the adorable tune “Grow Up,” featuring Busta Rhymes. This track sees Lloyd rapping her verses a la Nicki Minaj (though Lloyd does this a thousand times better) before showcasing her singing in an extraordinarily charming chorus. Cool as can be and sassy to boot, Lloyd is here to stamp her small yet authoritative footprint on pop music’s world stage.