Top 10 donors to Prop. 30

Jill Wong/Senior Staff

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Gov. Jerry Brown’s campaign for Proposition 30 has raised more than $16 million in the last three months, filings released by the California Fair Political Practices Commission Friday show.

Brown’s fundraising efforts trounced those of the primary group opposed to his initiative, which has brought in less than $2 million since July 1.

But Prop. 30’s biggest opponent may be Proposition 38, a competing ballot measure backed by wealthy liberal lawyer Molly Munger.

If passed, Prop. 38 would increase income taxes for most Californians — a change that would conflict with the increases proposed by Prop. 30. Brown’s measure would temporarily increase income tax for high-income earners and raise the sales tax by a quarter of a percentage point.

If Prop. 30 and Prop. 38 both pass, then only the one with the most votes will stand.

Munger, the primary proponent of Prop. 38, has provided the vast majority of funding for the measure.

Of the $31,071,426 the campaign has raised this year, $30,978,399 has come from Munger. In the last three months, she has donated nearly $23 million.

By contrast, the bulk of donations for Prop. 30 have come from unions.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 donors to Brown’s campaign.

A more detailed list of donations to campaigns for the two propositions, as well as donations to other ballot measure campaigns, can be found through filings from the commission.

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