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This Week in Arts

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This Friday is the second week of San Francisco’s 2 Blocks of Art event, which takes place around Market and 6th streets. First and foremost, 2 Blocks of Art is an art walk featuring local artists showing their works in 25 different locations. Since last year, though, the event has expanded and will cover a larger area and feature even more art and art-related entertainment. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theaters will be having food, drinks and admission specials. There will also be public performances and street vendors.

To coincide with 2 Blocks of Art, Club Six is hosting a special “So You Think You Can Paint” on Friday. The event is celebrating its one-year anniversary of the city’s “most creative happy hour,” during which the club hangs canvases, provides paints and brushes and invites the public to fill the space with art each week.

— Anna Carey



“It’s alive” at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland this Friday. The gorgeous old cinema will be showing the 1931 version of “Frankenstein.” This version, starring Colin Clive as the titular mad doctor, is held to be the definitive cinematic edition of the classic story. Witness the scenes that spawned a thousand parodies — they’re all here: from the doctor’s “It’s alive!” moment to the pitchfork-wielding mob that “Beauty and the Beast” and “Shrek” so shamelessly quoted.

This Saturday, the Castro Theatre will host a 20th-anniversary screening of “Death Becomes Her.” Starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis, the film follows a group of friends who experiment with a magic potion promising them eternal youth. The real highlight ,though, will be “the world’s oldest drag queens,” Peaches Christ and Helenka, who will perform before the screening.

— Thomas Coughlan


Are you tired of concerts yet? I didn’t think so. This week, we’ve got everything ranging from classic rock to electronic frenzies. Starting off with the free one, hip-hop artist Murs will be playing a free show on Memorial Glade this Friday, courtesy of SUPERB. Bob Dylan will be playing three shows this week. He’ll be at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco this Wednesday and Thursday and at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley this Friday. Many of you already know of this Friday’s show, as it’s the reason there is no bonfire. Maybe Dylan will burn one in honor of the game anyway.

Local band Geographer will be playing the Mezzanine in SF this Thursday with Freelance Whales. For the electronic enthusiasts, Major Lazer will be playing at the Fox Theater in Oakland on Friday, while Bassnectar will be playing at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium this Saturday.

— Ian Birnam



What do a large, white whale and a backwoods warrior have in common? Very little. That is, until this week. Yes, my friends, Moby Dick and Andrew Jackson are the subjects of two new shows in San Francisco.

Running from now until Nov. 2, the prestigious San Francisco Opera presents “Moby-Dick,” the opera. Herman Melville’s dramatic and lyrical novel about one man’s obsessive search lends itself naturally to the elevated theatrics of the opera.

Back with a new and improved theatre at 450 Post St., SF Playhouse begins its 10th season with the bombastic musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” running until Nov. 24. Based around the controversy of the United States’ seventh president, the show weaves in elements of his life — the “Corrupt Bargain,” his many duels, his extensive use of guyliner — with a modern, pop rock-inspired twist.

— Jessica Pena

David Byrne of the Talking Heads and author of recent release “How Music Works” will be in the Bay Area this week promoting his new book as well as touring with St. Vincent. Byrne will have a signing with his book — a meticulous and insightful analysis of music from form to historical precedents — on Tuesday with Bernie Krause at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. The event also benefits philanthropy 826 Valencia’s scholarship fund for high schoolers, which was founded by author Dave Eggers.

Also be sure to stop by the Berkeley Art Museum’s “The Reading Room” exhibit, either to relax and read in a calming environment or to attend one of the [email protected] events that are on most Fridays. This Friday, David Meltzer, author of Northern California Book Award-nominated “When I Was a Poet,” and his poet wife Julie Rogers will read together. The event is free for Cal students.

— A.J. Kiyoizumi

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OCTOBER 14, 2012

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