UC Berkeley alumni, Ark founders to host advising event for student tech startups

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UC Berkeley alumni who created a search engine for finding people will be hosting an event on Tuesday aimed at advising campus students and alumni interested in creating their own technology startups.

The workshop will include a series of four UC Berkeley alumni speakers who have established their own startups and time for teams to receive individualized advice. The event is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Ark headquarters in San Francisco. About 100 people have signed up to attend, according to Patrick Riley, co-founder and CEO of Ark, who organized and will be speaking at the event.

Students attending will receive advice about applying to Y Combinator, a highly selective startup incubator that provides teams with the funding and resources they need to get their businesses off the ground in exchange for a percentage of stock in the startup.

Students will be given personal advice on how to improve and present their applications as well as on what Y Combinator looks for in its interviews. The event also presents an opportunity for networking between students, alumni and founders in similar fields — especially between those looking to join a team and teams looking for complementary members.

“I’m hoping to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and see how they’re getting started themselves and offer my advice,” said Tony Chen, a former UC Berkeley student who dropped out to work full time on Moby, a real-time location-sharing startup. “The event will bring really talented people together to build really awesome stuff.”

Riley plans to host similar events in the future and has established the Yale Braunstein Fellowship for UC Berkeley students, through which he will fund one or two promising teams and help them network and apply to Y Combinator each semester.

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