Costume store opens up in Downtown Berkeley

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Halloween is around the corner, and a new store on the corner of Bancroft Way and Shattuck Avenue has temporarily set up shop to meet the costume needs of Berkeley.

Spirit Halloween opened in September at 2295 Shattuck Ave. and offers an assortment of costumes and props for children and adults.

Store employee Theo Rogers said business has been great, as the location in Downtown Berkeley has brought in a lot of foot traffic.

“Since we’re located on Shattuck, we get a lot of walk-ins,” he said. “Since this is so close to the school, this place is a pretty good location for business.”

Assistant store manager Delores Evans said the Spirit store is unrelated to the costume store Halloween City that was at 2190 Shattuck Ave. last year — the location now occupied by Walgreens.

Rogers said Spirit Halloween is owned by Spencer Gifts while the other store is owned by Party City. It is common for Halloween stores to change locations from year to year depending on where and when companies are able to get leases for abandoned buildings, he said.

“The location that this store is in right now is probably going to be different next year,” Rogers said. “I already saw a few people coming in and scoping out the place to have their own business put in here.”

Berkeley City College student Sher Her said the location of the store does not matter and that he will still patronize stores like Spirit Halloween as long they are in easy places to access.

“It’s the only costume store around here, so it’s pretty convenient,” he said. “As long as it’s still around here … it doesn’t really bother me.”

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