UC Berkeley Classics Department launches open-access publication

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The UC Berkeley Classics Department has initiated an online open-access publication series designed to help scholars publish their research and disseminate it to the public.

The new digital publication, California Classical Studies, promotes unrestricted access to peer-reviewed and specialized research and encourages open submission of scholarly writings, from heavy data-oriented research to archaeological findings.

“Classical studies is enormously broad and interdisciplinary,” said Donald J. Mastronarde, chair of the editorial board for CCS, in an email. “The niche we are most trying to serve is basic research that may have a small audience but is vitally necessary as an underpinning of more general studies.”

During its three-year startup period, the project will be funded by a $99,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. During that period, the editorial board aims to publish 15 titles, after which the publication will seek to be self-sustaining by selling “Print on Demand Copies” in participation with the California Digital Library.

In the past, access to this kind of information was more expensive and available primarily through costly subscriptions, meaning it was mostly limited to people affiliated with a university, according to Margaret Phillips, the electronic resources librarian at the UC Berkeley Library.

The campus has several other open-access publications like the Berkeley Planning Journal, which is produced by the Department of City and Regional Planning, and the Berkeley Review of Education, a peer-reviewed journal that addresses issues of educational diversity.
“These publications are a great way for researchers to really maximize the reach of their work and make sure there are not barriers to access,” Phillips said.

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