Grammatical separations

I have to admit — I don’t really follow sports. San Francisco Giants games aside, sports never reach my television through the digital airwaves. So when my friend posted a link on my Facebook wall to a Yahoo! article about Missy Franklin’s decision to join the Berkeley ranks, I can’t say I had any reaction other than, “Who’s Missy Franklin? Oh … cool.”

As I skimmed the report, I came across a photo the author had included of Franklin’s very excited Twitter post sharing the good news. I stopped in my tracks and was suddenly very confused.

Missy, you’re joining us … but you’re apart from us?

This confusion led me to her official Twitter page, just to make sure.

I guess being a four-time Olympic gold medalist really sets you apart. Welcome to Berkeley — I assure you not all of us are punctilious copy editors. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll decide that editing The Daily Californian is more thrilling than breaking swimming records. Provided you pass our exam, we’d be happy to consider you a part of our team.

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