Polling Data: Proposition 30

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Take a look at how different segments of California view Proposition 30, according to the most recent Field Poll released Nov 1.

Prop. 30, crafted by Gov. Jerry Brown, would raise the income tax on the wealthiest Californians and raise the sales tax by a quarter percentage point.

If voters reject the measure, the University of California will incur $250 million in trigger cuts and students could see tuition hikes of up to 20 percent.

A few interesting points on the polling data:

  • Voters polled closer to the election were more likely to support the measure.
  • Younger voters overwhelmingly support the proposition, while older voters oppose it.
  • Northern Californians are more supportive than Southern Californians.
  • Those voting by mail are more likely to support the measure than those voting at a precinct.
  • 14 percent of voters remain undecided.

Here are the charts:

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