Students react to presidential election results

While hundreds of students danced in celebration of  President Barack Obama’s re-election to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley, members of the Berkeley College Republicans were huddled around a television in an apartment south of campus. The site where various campus groups spent weeks
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Make change that really matters this time

Voting for a third party candidate does have a long term impact on country

If you have spent any amount of time on Facebook in the last few weeks, chances are good you’ve seen a certain video about losing your political “virginity,” i.e., voting for president for the first time. Having been “barely illegal” by a few months in 2008, Nov. 6 was my
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Save the people lost in the statistics

Focus less on speeding economy up and more on serving underemployed

Mr. President, congratulations. Be you Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney or even as of this writing undetermined, you have a busy and difficult term to look forward to. This will not be an average presidency, and the choices you make over the next four years will have great influence on the
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We need a change in national direction

The Nov. 6 election was a day of heightened passions and intense partisanship. Looking forward, our nation’s troubles are far from over. As Americans and as students, we must hope to see a definite change in direction from the past four years of economic hardship and failed policies. If we
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