Tunes on Tuesday: Major Lazer, One Direction, Calvin Harris

Major Lazer/Courtesy

It’s Election Day, so naturally you need music to listen to as you meander over to the polls and cast your vote. As if the election isn’t stimulating enough, a definite excitement builder is new track “Jah No Partial” a sizzling monster of a tune courtesy of Major Lazer and Flux Pavilion. Combining a sample of the classic raggae tune “Mr. Marshall” (Johnny Osbourne) with an infectious dubstep beat, this song rips apart the airwaves. If you happen to be on the winning side today, this may be one to drop at the celebration party.

No matter what direction the election goes, there is only one direction in the music world. And that One Direction is out with a brand new serenade entitled “Little Things.” A bona fide Backstreet Boys copy (even down to the affecting black and white video), this song is where the lads affirm their love for a girl in spite (or rather because) her little flaws (sound familiar?). Ignoring its triteness, this song is quite pleasant and, I’ll admit, cute.

Finally, your Election Day will be incomplete without Calvin Harris’s “Drinking From the Bottle” (featuring the frisky Tinie Tempah), a standout off his new album 18 Months. Just in case drinking from the bottle was not as cool as drinking from, say, a glass, it is now, because Harris and Tinie do it. The collaboration, which should have happened long ago, has at last come along and graced us with a stellar club tune. So win or lose tonight, play this song and open a bottle of champagne, and remember, no cups needed.