Potty language

Some people who vandalize the bathroom stalls actually know what they’re talking about … and some don’t. Check out this “fowl” language from a Dwinelle bathroom and the notes trying to correct the mistake.

Morbid student farce funny yet contrived

Well, BareStage Productions’ musical comedy “Death and Other Hobbies” didn’t make me want to off myself, so that’s good. It focuses on Corbin Vickers (Alexander Kownatzki), who throws a party for his eccentric cast of friends and family before committing suicide. This soon unravels into a murder mystery party when
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New class scheduling website aims to help students plan their futures

Berkeleytime, a new student-built class schedule-creation website, aims to be just as necessary as its namesake 10-minute grace period between classes. Previously, students had to use multiple resources — the Schedule of Classes, the General Catalog, ScheduleBuilder — to plan their schedules. Berkeleytime, created by UC Berkeley sophomores Yuxin Zhu
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Top 10 smartphone apps for students

With the thousands of applications available in the Android marketplace and the iTunes store, it is easy to get lost in the sheer number of choices. Here is a breakdown of the best applications that are a must-have for every smartphone user. 1. Google Music (free, Android + iOS) Google’s
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Five Questions: Marti Hearst, ‘Big Data’ pioneer

With a massive amount of data online, computer programmers have recently taken to looking for ways to manage it all. Marti Hearst, a professor in the UC Berkeley School of Information, has been at the forefront of research on working with “Big Data” to make it searchable and accessible. Her
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