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  • UC Berkeley students who have lived in the residence halls are all undoubtedly familiar with Residential Computing, otherwise known as ResComp.

    The ResComp Residential Computing Consultants provide support for all students’ “digital security, operating system troubleshooting, device configuration, networking, and data recovery” needs, according to their website.

    Though their job is mostly out of the public eye, it’s certainly far from boring, as some might expect. With all this experience working on students’ computer issues comes wisdom, knowledge and hilarious stories of technical woes.

    RCC Sheila Wagner has encountered a few situations where, from an outside standpoint, the problem seemed to be a “no-brainer or a brief lapse in judgment.”

    “One of my personal favorites was when a resident came into the Academic Service Center with what was deemed as a ‘broken screen’ or something like that, since the computer showed no signs of powering on,” she said. “I asked the resident if they had a power charger with them, plugged that in and somehow the screen magically worked.”

    The takeaway, in her eyes, is that “technology gets the best of us sometimes, so funny things like this don’t lead me to judge too hard.”

    ResComp staff members see these little forgetful moments very often. In most cases, they can diagnose and fix issues with no problems. In others, the computers and their hopeful student owners aren’t so lucky.

    Such is the case with liquid spills. ResComp sees a large number of accounts of this issue, with spills ranging from soda to soup. One RCC said, “In those kinds of situations, there’s really not much we can do, as it becomes a hardware issue, and that’s not something we can assist with.”

    Tech issues can be a good laugh for the everyone involved — RCC and user alike — after they’re all fixed up. But until then, the RCCs are ready and waiting.


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