Chip on his shoulder: Michael Kim’s escape from the underdog role

After years of playing the underdog, Michael Kim is ready to shed the role.

Michael Kim dreams of Augusta. He sees himself sinking a 15-foot putt to win the Masters and to don the legendary green jacket. But more importantly, Kim pictures himself winning against his golf idol, Tiger Woods. “I grew up watching Tiger Woods win all those tournaments,” the sophomore says. “He
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Previewing the Pac-12 Conference

1. Arizona  The Pac-12 renaissance has arrived. With it comes the resurgence of Arizona (3-0). Last year the Wildcats fell uncharacteristically short of an NCAA berth and lost in the first round of the NIT. The program also lost leading scorer Kyle Fogg to graduation. Yet the team hauled in
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Bears fall short again of high hopes

At the beginning of the season, midfielder Betsy Hassett declared two goals for the season: to win the Pac-12 and to advance past the second round in the NCAA tournament. The Cal women’s soccer team couldn’t achieve either of Hassett’s goals. The Bears’ 16-6 season landed them directly behind the
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College sex: Berkeley edition

Sex on Tuesday

Because I couldn’t afford to fly home the day before Thanksgiving this past week, I spent all of Wednesday in Berkeley. I only had one class that day, and the campus was marvelously empty. So at around 4:20 p.m., I called up my partner, and as two mischievous UC Berkeley
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