Editors general’s warning

Michael Tao/Staff


The very word strikes fear into the hearts of even the most studious and often-prepared students. From papers to exams to projects, the sources of stress are unlimited. But as the editors of this semester’s Finals Issue, we are here to remind you: Don’t panic. Included in this issue are ways to deal with the heightened stress levels that inevitably come with finals.

Grab a coffee and read a book at one of the less-visited study spots around campus. Laugh at the ridiculous posts that are bound to be on AnonCon. Munch on healthy brain foods to keep you studying into the wee hours. Whatever you choose to do, do with yourself — and your well-being — in mind.

The end is closer than you think!

— Patricia Cruz & Andy Nguyen

The best study spaces

A selection of prime cafe spots around Berkeley that are off the beaten path and can be enjoyed by students who liked to study around the hustle and bustle of families and city residents.

Finals stress can lead to some drug abuse

Coffee and highly caffeinated energy drinks are common solutions for weary students, but some feel pressured to seek more powerful stimulants like Adderall.

Crash Course: Best and worst brain foods

The stress and pressure of finals prompt a desire to constantly munch on snacks. While sugar and carbs are good for actually getting your brain moving, they may not be the best for your health.