Editors’ Note

On the UC Berkeley campus, the year 2012 seemed to embody the phrase “out with the old, in with the new,” given the announcement in the spring that Chancellor Robert Birgeneau would step down and the firing of longtime head football coach Jeff Tedford this fall. Still, this year also saw many things remain the same, with only the promise that certain things would change. Mayor Tom Bates was re-elected to his fourth term and President Barack Obama to his second. Though Proposition 30 passed, saving the UC system from a devastating $250 million cut, the financial sustainability of the university still remains in question. Though Measure S failed, to the joy of staunch opponents, the homeless population in Berkeley still needs help, as do struggling business owners. This issue looks back at the successes, failures and other defining moments for which this year will be known.

—Emma Anderson & J.D. Morris