UCPD arrests suspect allegedly involved in campus hate crime

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UCPD has apprehended a suspect allegedly involved in vandalism and hate crimes that took place on Saturday at Li Ka Shing and Mulford Halls.

On Saturday at 10:33 p.m., UCPD received a report of two males spraying graffiti at Li Ka Shing Hall. After arriving to investigate, UCPD officers found additional graffiti on Mulford Hall and eventually located the suspects near the area. Suspect No. 1 fled the scene immediately, whereas suspect number two was apprehended.

Suspect two fell during the pursuit, lacerating his forehead. After receiving medical attention, he was taken into custody by UCPD. The vandalism was categorized as a hate crime due to its derogatory references towards sexual orientation.

The UCPD report describes the suspects as:

Suspect No. 1: a Hispanic male, with a first name “Chris,” 6’02 in height, 200 lbs, wearing a brown jacket

Suspect No. 2: Anthony Aaron Garcia, a Hispanic male, 23 years of age, 5’05 in height, 189 lb., with brown hair and blue eyes, wearing tan shorts and a black jacket.

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