Welcome to Eating Berkeley

Derek Remsburg/File

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You love food, Berkeley, you and I both know.

I see it when I get in a line at the Cheese Board Collective that looks like it belongs at Disneyland. I feel it when I weave my way through the crowded aisles in Berkeley Bowl’s organic produce section. I taste it when friends make and share dishes that they grew up eating.

Berkeley cares about what it eats. Its vocabulary is varied, beginning with terms like vegetarian and vegan and evolving to food justice, food sovereignty, real food, organic, local and sustainable.

So this blog, Eating Berkeley, is for you, Berkeley. We’ll feature the very best food that this city and the Bay Area has to offer as well as help you eat just as well while at home. We’ll take you into the kitchens of some of your favorite restaurants and into our own modest apartments. We’ll tell you what makes us hungry, and we hope you’ll do the same. Share your stories and suggestions with us at [email protected]

Christopher Yee is the editor of Eating Berkeley. Contact him at [email protected]