Arrests made in Berkeley Hills burglary

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An arrest has been made in an alleged burglary in which a Berkeley Hills resident walked in on his house being robbed and was run over by the suspects as they fled the scene.

Suspects linked to an alleged burglary on Dec. 11 were arrested Jan. 31, according to a press release from Berkeley Police Department. On Dec. 11, a Berkeley Hills resident arrived at his home on the 300 block of Senior Avenue at 3:17 p.m. Upon discovering an unknown car parked in his driveway, the resident went to check in on noises he heard coming from his house. It was then that two males exited the house while a female was waiting in the parked vehicle.

The resident subsequently attempted to stop the car from leaving his driveway and was knocked to the ground, and the vehicle ran over his leg, the press release stated. The resident suffered only minor injuries.

When police arrived on the scene, they found that the resident’s home had been burglarized and that several items had been stolen. Officers then began to process the scene for evidence after initiating a felony assault and burglary investigation.

“Our identification technicians were able to recover fingerprints, which were submitted to the state lab for identification,” said Capt. Andy Greenwood at a special City Council session on Feb. 5 for Berkeley’s annual crime report. “Two weeks ago, the lab had reported that they identified the fingerprints and the suspects.”

Though police initially thought there were only two suspects, they were able to come up with a third after conducting a records check and other investigative steps, according to Greenwood. The suspects were identified as Monique Robinson, 22, Jesus Salas Campos, 19, and a juvenile.

“Our detectives traveled to West Sacramento, where they served search warrants on two different homes and took all three suspects safely into custody,” Greenwood said at the meeting.

During the January arrest, authorities found evidence linked to the robbery in the suspects’ homes.

The suspects were arraigned on Feb. 4, with both being charged with first-degree burglary, according to Alameda County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Teresa Drenick. Robinson was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon for running over the victim, she added.

The district attorney’s office will not be releasing the identity of the juvenile or what the person has been charged with, as he or she is underage, Drenick said.

Both Robinson and Campos are currently no longer in custody, with bail posted at $80,000 each, according to Alameda County’s criminal docket finder. Their next court date is set for Feb. 26 at the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse for their pretrial hearing.

Andy Nguyen is the lead crime reporter. Contact him at [email protected].