Weekly Playlist: Valentine’s Day for the Love-drunk/Loveless

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re starting to see people gravitate to the emotional poles. There are the love-drunk people in relationships who are so excited to share the holiday with their loved one that they gush about their plans at every chance. And then there’s the sullen camp that sees the day as a reminder of its lack of relationship or failed past relationships, referring to the holiday as “Forever Alone Day.” And for some, it’s just another day! Whichever camp you side with, be it <3 or </3 or somewhere uniquely in between, there’s a part in the playlist for you. We hope you feel empowered, whatever your romantic situation!

  1. Best Coast, “Boyfriend
  2. Aqualung, “Breaking my Heart
  3. The Postal Service,Nothing Better
  4. Metric, “Sick Muse
  5. Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith,Not in Love
  6. Two Door Cinema Club,Sleep Alone
  7. April Smith and the Great Picture Show,Stop Wondering
  8. The Killers,Romeo and Juliet
  9. Wings,Silly Love Songs
  10. Frankie Valli,Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
  11. Grouplove,Love Will Save Your Soul
  12. Cat Power,Sea of Love
  13. Elton John,Your Song
  14. Mark Knopfler,Storybook Love
  15. The Black Keys,The Only One
You can check out the entire playlist here on Spotify. We at the Clog hope you have a very happy V-Day!
Image source: Mat_the_W, under Creative Commons.