Tell your crush how you feel with five ridiculous $5 Valentine’s gifts from Fiverr

With Valentine’s day coming up, many people have a special someone on their mind. But many students aren’t quite sure how to tell that special someone how they feel. Luckily, the internet is here to rescue you! If you can just write down what you wish to say, many outrageous, ridiculous and quirky denizens of the internet will — while in costume and character —  record a video telling that crush of yours how you feel. This could just be the perfect way to let that special someone know he or she has caught your eye.

To keep things affordable for us college students we went on a mission to find the best offering from, a site where people can sell goods or skills for the low price of five dollars. While there are actually many useful services offered, there are twice as many absolutely crazy ones. In honor of those who start sweating when just thinking about telling their crush how they feel, we sifted through the Valentine’s day section and chose our top five.

1. Tell your crush how you feel through Prof. Hons Von Puppet

Prof. Hons Von Puppet looks just a like what Einstein’s Muppet would look like. In 120 words or less you can tell your crush in a bad German accent how he or she has been catching your eye in from across discussion or lecture. And if you’re having trouble coming up with what to say, the Professor will help you!

2. Let snarky British Cupid woo your Valentine

So maybe Prof. Hons Von Puppet wasn’t quite right. You want a real straight shooter. Look no farther than Mr. Cupid (he is NOT a fairy and will be very angry if you make that mistake). With wings and a bow and arrow he will make that crush of yours fall in love with you through some straight British talk.

3. Have an erotic story written about you and your crush

While this isn’t a video and most likely is a bit too bold, we couldn’t help but mention it. All you need to provide is your names and a fantasy and a whole seductive story will be written for you. Again, this is probably too much for a small Valentine’s day gift but hey, maybe you want to kick things into high gear from the beginning.

4. Self-proclaimed rednecks Cindy Lou and Billy Joe Jim Bob will woo your Valentine with some Southern charm

Maybe your problem is you feel you lack a some charisma, perhaps some certain southern swag. With a southern accent and rough around the edges feel, Cindy Loun and Billy Jo Jim Bob might just rope in that belle or gent of yours.

5. Jesus

That’s right. For only $5 you can have Jesus tell your crush how you feel. What a deal! In full robes with his signature beard and long hair he’ll record a video telling your crush exactly how you feel. And for style points Jesus will be sipping on red wine and filming the video with his iPhone 5. If this doesn’t work, we don’t know what will. Also, we’re glad to know Jesus is rocking the latest tech.

Image source: mozzercork under Creative Commons