Top Dog price increase

We love our late-night snacks here at the Clog, and, most importantly, we like them when they’re cheap. So imagine our surprise when we found out that Top Dog raised its prices by 25 cents. This doesn’t sound like much to begin with, but it’s the principle. With rising tuition, housing costs and textbooks galore, we rely on things like cheap, easily accessible foods at 1 a.m. to get us through the tough times.

We’ve crafted a scenario for you to fully understand our problem:

Imagine it’s 12:47 a.m. and you’re drunk and happy as can be. With a group of friends who are also glowing with the glorious, sexy essence of beer, you swagger giddily to one of your favorite post-drinking restaurants where the hotdogs are awesome — but when you’re drunk, they’re even better. You scream, “Top Dog!” You step in. Smell that chicken apple sausage cooking. You slam down the familiar $3, three beautiful and crumpled Washingtons, on the counter. Smile beautifully at the man who is busy over the grill.

Then only to find out the cashier is blearily eying you and then grunts, “$3.25 now, man.”

… No.

$3.25? $3.25?! THREE-TWENTY-F’-ing-FIVE? An extra quarter? Since when have we needed to pay $3.25 for a hotdog? Yeah, that’s right. A quarter diminished everything about that wonderful creation cozied up in a French roll (not really, but in this state, you’re not one to be reasoned with). And the world should know why. It’s because now you’re going to have to always search for that one stupid quarter in your pocket or wallet or backpack front pocket or the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean — who the hell knows where.

It’s an outrage. An absolute outrage. You’re bummed, all right. No, that’s an understatement; you’re furious! Top Dog, why oh why must you do this to your faithful customers, the poor college students, the especially hopeless freshmen who never even carry change around because they have their entire world on their Cal lanyards? What can this event bode? That we will all wake up to discover that school tuition has been raised, that the Tang Center no longer offers SHIP or that the state of California’s budget has crashed?

Side note: The Classic Top Dog is still priced at $3.00 but for all you Bird Dog or Wienie lovers, you’ll have to start shelling out that extra quarter.

Image source: _e.t. under Creative Commons

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