Cal, Tedford agree to adjusted contract settlement

Allyse Bacharach/File

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When former football head coach Jeff Tedford was fired on Nov. 21 of last year, the common understanding was that Tedford would be paid a maximum of $6.9 million in accordance with the stipulations of the original contract. On Feb. 4, Cal Athletics reported that the maximum of the buyout would be reduced to $5.5 million.

This $5.5 million will be divided into yearly sums until the length of Tedford’s original contract runs out in April 2015, assuming Tedford remains unemployed.

If Tedford does find employment, Cal’s obligation to pay Tedford is a different story. If Tedford earns more than $1.5 million per year at his hypothetical new job, the university doesn’t have to pay for 50 percent of whatever Tedford makes above that figure.

This differs from the original contract, in which the university would have been relieved from the entirety of Tedford’s yearly contract with no $1.5 million cutoff.

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