4 Valentine’s Day gifts just for Berkeley students

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How does Sproul do Valentine’s Day? The Clog has compiled a list of wacky and cutesy gifts for that special someone.

1. STDs.

If you’re bored of the traditional chocolate, flowers and candy trifecta, Phi Delta Epsilon has balls of adorable stuffed diseases that could be right up your alley. Give your friends and special interests mono the healthy way — as a toy! They look just like the actual diseases do, just in more lovable, cuddly and sellable forms. What message this sends to young lovebirds everywhere we’re not entirely sure. But it’s definitely a change from the traditional love poem.

2. Fluffy heart pillows.

Good for couples or singles! Fall asleep on Sigma Omicron Pi’s colorful creations as your other half serenades you from your window or your lonely roommate sings the blues.

3. Chocolate roses.

Do you prefer edible munchies or red roses?  Camp Kesem won’t make you choose. Admire the flower, and then bite the head off pretty flowers. (Note: removing foil may be helpful).

4. Couples’ key chains.

Be forever bound to each nother with symbols from Circle K that literally exude “meant to be!” You know you want to be the peanut butter to someone’s jelly, the Mickey to his or her Minnie. Honestly, who could doubt you’re soul mates when you have a set of Wall-E and Eva key chains?

Image source: Erum Khan, the Daily Californian