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UC Berkeley management professor joins Apple University

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FEBRUARY 13, 2013

Professor Morten Hansen of UC Berkeley’s School of Information announced Wednesday that he is assuming an advisory role at Apple University.

Hansen has not disclosed many details of his new work at Apple. In an article written by CNN, Hansen expressed excitement about his work with such a brilliant group of people, describing them as “the best there is.”

In addition to his faculty position at UC Berkeley, Hansen has been a consultant for many major companies around the world and has published award-winning research in business management.

According to the story, Hansen was first approached by former dean of Yale School of Management Joel Podolny to join the program in 2009 but declined the offer of a full-time job so he could finish his book “Great by Choice” with co-author Jim Collins.

CNN reported that Apple approached Hansen again in late December and that Hansen accepted the job at Apple’s MBA training program under the condition that he could remain at UC Berkeley to teach one course per semester.

Apple University, an in-house MBA training program instituted by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, trains the company’s executives within Apple’s business culture.

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FEBRUARY 13, 2013