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Editors' Note: 50 Shades of Sexuality

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FEBRUARY 14, 2013

There is no “normal” in sex. We’re conditioned to believe that sex is black and white and that there is a right and wrong way to act, talk and feel about it. But sex, much like life, is messy and is so much more enjoyable that way. This diversity in experience is what makes sex so cool.

Whatever turns you on is just as awesome and valid as whatever turns anyone else on. Don’t yuck anyone’s yum — unless it’s not consensual. Sexuality is a spectrum that isn’t constant, and there are multiple shades to your own sexuality. It’s learning to embrace all of these distinct parts of ourselves that leads us to discover, accept and love our sexual selves.

We can either see these boundless possibilities all as shades of gray, or we can see them as a colorful celebration of sex-ploration and diversity.

Local sex shop chain experiences massive growth

Small at first, but with the intention of being warm, welcoming and woman-friendly, Good Vibes gathered a loyal customer base and crew of employees quickly.

Bondage club brings out hidden kinkiness

At the bondage club, I didn’t feel ashamed of my deep, voyeuristic interior. I witnessed attendees waiting in line to savor their chance at a lashing. Others were elaborately tied up in strangely nostalgic swinging positions.

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Has Valentine’s Day become nothing more than the emblem of holiday-themed consumerism, or is there value in having one day of the year devoted to love? We asked several Cal students for their opinions about February 14th.

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FEBRUARY 14, 2013