The Postal Service: A silly tale of coincidence in the news

A few weeks ago, the United States Postal Service announced that it plans to end mail delivery on Saturdays in an attempt to save a whole ton of money per year, as they’ve been faced with great losses over the past decade. Guess snail mail’s not cutting it anymore, eh? We would think that, especially since we’re college students far away from home (for the most part), sending letters to friends and family across the state or country would still be a fun way to communicate. But as we move into the digital age, the USPS has to think logically. Sadly, that means no fun weekend mail trips for us. Sad face.

But timely coincidence is a funny thing. As this news was breaking the public sphere, another Postal Service was making waves among the corners of the internet. The dormant fan favorite band The Postal Service, a side project of Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, announced that it was emerging for the first time in almost ten years to headline Coachella  and embark on an international tour (that includes Davis! close enough to Berkeley). Fans were going off the wall. The Postal Service was probably the most talked-about thing on the internet that week, which might have caused some confusion considering the timing of the eponymous entity’s announcement. Asking someone, “Did you hear the news about the Postal Service?” might yield two different answers based on the kind of person you’re talking to. Or it might just turn into utter confusion.

Here’s our take on the situation:

Moral of the story: time your buzz-worthy announcements, news world! This whole debacle could have been avoided if The Postal Service kept in contact with their friends the Postal Service.

Image source: amandasause (original image), under Creative Commons.