Winners of the Clog’s Valentine’s Day Competition

Thanks to everyone who submitted their lovey-dovey and embarrassing past Valentine’s Day stories. Here’s our top 5 favorites that made us laugh, cry and a combination of both:


On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend texted me, “Happy Chinese New Year.” At first I thought it was a silly joke and that an extravagant surprised awaited me later in the day. But, turns out my boyfriend just forgot and was really wishing my a Happy Chinese New Year. Those were the only words I heard from him all day.


Warning: this story contains mushy feelings and happiness.

Long distance is the absolute worse.

My boyfriend and I have survived the infamous freshman Turkey Drop and we survived the sophomore slump. But as a junior couple, what were we supposed to do for Valentine’s Day. How many cute surprises can you send?  And Skype just doesn’t feel the same after a while.

Feeling the dread, I enlisted two of my best friends. One is from high school and goes to school in Southern Californian while the other is studying abroad in Europe right now. We discussed the problem at length before figuring out a solution.

Three adorable cards from three unique places, each with a little Valentine’s Day message on it.

It was pretty cute in my opinion.

So I sent them early so I knew he would receive them before Valentine’s Day, but I asked him not to open them. The day of, I call him and ask him if he likes it. His response “I haven’t opened them yet.”

Excited, I told him to open it then. He told me he would open it later and that it wasn’t a good time to talk right then.  I was a little bummed, I was excited for him to see it.  We hung up and I was kind of sad, but whatever. We had been dating 4 years.

So my super close friend calls me a few hours later and asks me if I’m home. I say yeah, because I really hadn’t made any plans other than to Skype with my now-absent boyfriend. So she asks if she could come over for a sec because she needs to borrow something.

Well, she didn’t arrive alone! My boyfriend had come up to surprise me, and brought the cards I sent along with him. It was absolutely surreal, but wonderful. Apparently he started driving down from Oregon State early that morning because he too couldn’t figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day either.

We’re still together. :)


Every single year in high school, I would buy and send myself ten Valentine Grams in order to make myself seem really cool and loved. I just always wanted to be as popular as Glenn Coco of Mean Girls fame. Turns out everyone knew I was full of BS.


The number one rule for Valentine’s Day: no blind dates. The situation screams desperate and crazy and moving too fast. I didn’t even mind not having a boyfriend or a date, but when my close friend begged me to participate in a double date with her and her boyfriend, I reluctantly accepted. Because “his friend is the nicest-sweetest-guy ever.”

So on Valentine’s Day, I sat in her apartment. Being the absolutely creeper I am, I went through the guy’s Facebook while waiting. I learned he liked some weird music but we had some common television shows that we liked so I wasn’t too worried. I had a positive outlook, how bad it could the date go? Just because it was Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it has to be super romantic and mushy. We’re in college, so the thought that people would start proposing during dinner wasn’t really a possibility (I hoped).

So the date starts off a little awkward, but not unforgivable. He brought me roses, chocolates, and a card, which was nice. Dinner was at a local place downtown and of course it was packed, which made it awkward when I had to ask “what are you majoring in?” three times before he heard me.  I felt like I was basically participating in some awkward pseudo-group project like freshman year.

Of course, I wouldn’t be submitting this if it ended like that.

So half-way through the get-to-know-you date, it starts to get weird. We hadn’t really been flirting or anything, and he seemed a lot more interested in in iPhone than me. It got weirder when he left and went to the bathroom for a full 20 minutes and sat silent at the table for ten minutes following his bathroom rondevu. It was the blind date from hell.

When we left the restaurant, my friend asked if we wanted to go back to their place. I can’t get a word out before he says that him and I would be going to get some ice cream. At first I find it a little weird, but whatever. I figure he’s being nice to our mutual friends who need some space for some mushy romantic stuff.

So I’m joking around, because I feel like we could be friends, “You should probably give them a little bit before you head home. I’m down to get some ice cream but then I’ll probably just head home and call it an early night.”

He turns to me and then LITERALLY kisses me for two seconds. This wasn’t some awesome New Girl epic kiss, either. “Are you sure you don’t want to come back to my place?”

EW. No.  I don’t want to come back to your place, my inner conscious screamed.

“Um no. I think we’re better off as friends, and I don’t want ice cream anymore.” I actually ended up saying. I really regret not being more dominate and telling him that what he did was totally unacceptable.

My favorite part of the night was watching 30 Rock reruns.


In high school, the student council sold Valentine Grams for all the love birds. Basically, people could pay for a message to be announced over the loud speaker to the entire school during homeroom or Valentine’s Day. Most of the announcements were endearing shout outs to groups of friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. My “boo” decided to take this exciting opportunity for PDA to have someone else dump me over the loud speaker: “Hey ____, this just isn’t working. Happy V-Day!” I spent the next three class periods hiding in a bathroom stall consoling myself with the box of See’s chocolates I bought for him. #PITYPARTY2009

Image source: Carolyn_Sewell under Creative Commons