Flashback Friday: Growing up with ’90s high school romantic comedies

Here we are on another segment of Flashback Friday, and Valentine’s Day is unfortunately/fortunately already over. But sure enough, those potential lovey dovey feelings you had about 24 hours ago can’t be gone just yet, right? The reason why we ask is that we want to dabble on a subject of nostalgia this Friday that we are sure all of you can relate to.

Remember those romantic comedy films about high school from the ’90s? Y’know, the ones that had cheesy plots and were usually a gold mine for stereotypical teenaged characters? Who can forget gems like “Clueless” and “10 Things I Hate About You”? Well, much to our relief, we aren’t here to talk about a recently announced remake of any one of those nostalgic time pieces. Instead, we just wanted to bring up how memorable these films were to us as kids.

It may only seem like yesterday, but high school was a turbulent time filled with the introduction of hardcore academic schedules and with enough drama to sink an air carrier. For most of us, it was only about two to four years ago. But when it comes down to it, our memories of high school are far more different than our memories of what we thought high school was going to be like when we were younger. That’s exactly why these old ’90s romantic films bring back such a sense of nostalgia.

In reality, these films were actually a bit outside of our generation. After all, most of them came out before we were even close to reaching high school. Yet what remains so important about these films was the sense of wonder they brought to us about being older and how cool we thought we were going to be when we reached that age. We all told ourselves we were going to use a loudspeaker to sing to our crush while everyone listened or that we would win prom king/queen. However, none of it really happened as dramatically as it did in the movies, or even at all. For most, it was comparatively mundane.

But what remains true about these lovely films is that they bring an awesome sense of nostalgia and are very much worth watching with a significant other just to experience the quirky but slightly cheesy romance. It may be the day after Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t hurt to take a trip down memory lane with a list of our personal favorites from the time period. Even if you’re more of the cynical loveless type, try watching the movies anyway just for the sake of falling in love with the time period. Chances are you’ll find something to hold on to.

  1. 10 Things I Hate about You
  2. Clueless
  3. Drive Me Crazy
  4. She’s All That
  5. Whatever It Takes

Image source: impawards.com, Courtesy