Harlem shake: ATΩ vs. AXΩ

The Harlem Shake had made a comeback, but with a 2013 twist.

Videos have been sweeping Youtube set to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” During the video, a single person dances until the bass drops and then the video cuts to a group of people wearing silly costumes and dancing like crazy.

Our very own Greek houses ATΩ and AXΩ have joined in, so we assume the responsibility of judging whose Harlem Shake is Berkeley’s best! (But we want to hear what you think too!)

First is the video by ATΩ:

This video is fantastic. Readers will note that we at the Clog have found Waldo. It took us a couples tries but we found him. He was well hidden. We’ll give you a hint: he’s in the first 15 seconds.

The first thing the eye goes to is that dude shaking his booty. He is clearly an amateur, but we’ll let it slide this time.

The hidden gem of the video is the robot in the background. We love it.

Second is the video by AXΩ:

This video is also fantastic. It’s filmed at a flat angle, which changes the feel of it. We feel that the top down angle of the ATΩ video gives room for more dancers and makes it more hectic. Still great, though, ladies.

The first thing the eye goes to is probably the two in front — the one with the wizard hat and the one in pink pajamas — followed by that person air-humping in a neon green body suit.

The hidden gem is the girl shaking her booty while doing a handstand. Hilarious.

So now that we’ve seen both, which one is better?

Initial dance: ATΩ clearly has the edge here. That dance is just so damn silly. Purple wig guy is cool and all, but he can’t compete with that repetitive shuffle. Judgment: ATΩ.

Nonchalance: Both ATΩ and AXΩ are staring at their phones and laptops, seemingly oblivious to the ridiculous dancer. The table in the ATΩ video seems like a more natural place for people to gather around for work and natural phone surfing than the living room in the AXΩ video, so we give it to them. Judgment: ATΩ.

Insanity of dancing: With a few exceptions, the guys in the ATΩ video just kind of flail around, though we do love the dude who looks like he’s having a seizure on the table. The ladies in the AXΩ video do a lot less flailing and a lot more hip gyrating, which is much more appealing. Overall, they came out about the same. Judgment: Draw.

Transition: Dude to the different angle and more people, the transition in the ATΩ video is more jarring, which is better. Judgment: ATΩ.

Quality of costumes: This easily goes to ATΩ. There are some really ridiculous costumes in there, including the aforementioned robot. From suspender underwear guy to the guy wearing a captain’s hat and humping a yield sign, there was clearly more effort put in. The AXΩ video had some good costumes as well — the banana lady and the neon green suit lady, in particular — but ATΩ had this in the bag. Judgment: ATΩ.

Video editing: There isn’t much to say here besides the fact that the camera shakes very slightly in the last 15 seconds of the ATΩ video. We think this adds to the chaos and simulates the shaking of the bass. Judgment: ATΩ.

Overall: Both videos were very entertaining, and we thank both ATΩ and AXΩ for them, but ATΩ clearly put in more effort. The costumes were crazier, the initial dance was sillier, the video editing and camera positioning was just slightly better, and there was simply more people to contribute to the insanity. ATΩ wins this round, maybe next time AXΩ?

What do you guys think? Are we totally off-base in thinking that the ATΩ video was better? Post your opinions below!