SQUELCH! announces candidate for ASUC president

Jason Bellet/Courtesy

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SQUELCH! has announced Jason Bellet as its serious candidate for student body president in the 2013 ASUC elections.

The announcement, which was released as a video via Facebook, was released Monday night at 10:15 p.m.

SQUELCH! typically runs one serious senate candidate and several satirical candidates that highlight and make fun of the faults in the ASUC’s predominantly two party system.  This year they will only be running serious candidates.

Bellet, who is the only member of SQUELCH!’s executive slate, is running on a platform of providing students with better access to campus leaders and streamlining student groups’ ability to receive funding. He said his largest focus will be on bridging communities and bringing the campus together.

“Access is a huge deal on this campus.” Bellet said. “I  want to make space (for student groups) affordable and accessible especially in the midst of the lower Sproul remodel.”

In addition, Bellet said he wants to provide better access to alumni networks, the leadership symposium and the career center.

Bellet said that his experience as the director of the ASUC Perspectives Showcase 2012, where he focused on community collaboration, exemplifies his experience and willingness to bridge gaps.

“I would use my position to bring actual community leaders like President of the Black Student Union or the President of the Co-ops or the head of the Panhellenic Council into what I’m envisioning as a president’s round table to talk through pressing issues on this campus in a way that’s not in the politically charged senate floor,” Bellet said.

Bellet also said his unique position as a third party candidate will allow him to overcome party and community lines to represent all campus groups.

“As a third party president I’m not bound by typical stereotypes of ‘well I’m this party or that party’ — I’m crossing those boundaries,” Bellet said. “One of the problems with the current system is that some parties divide up campus. When one party is elected the community that is not elected feels alienated.”

Shannon Thomas, a SQUELCH! party executive chair and communications director for Bellet’s campaign, said that being a third party has its advantages.

“These students are really passionate and though they approach it through humor, it’s helpful in aiming a self critical lense and  to find problems and ways to fix them,” Thomas said.

SQUELCH! Finance and Compliance Director Julia Gettle added that Jason is a methodical and thoughtful leader.

“He is willing to learn and more importantly he is willing to engage and act on the things he learns,” Gettle said. “He will purposefully seek out people who disagree with him to get a sense of where they’re coming from and to broaden his basis of knowledge.”

The ASUC elections will be held April 9, 10 and 11.

Ally Rondoni covers the ASUC. Contact her at [email protected].