Weekly Playlist: Cool movie walk

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Here at the clog, we like to dabble in a variety of guilty pleasures. While we aren’t at liberty to freely speak about all of them without seeming super ridiculous, we can, however, reveal one particular guilty pleasure that we often partake in during our time here at Berkeley.

For you kids who have seen enough movies, chances are that you are familiar with the common film trope known as the “cool stylish walking scene accompanied by an ‘OMG this is so cool’ theme song.” We’ve all seen it, and we all wish it could happen to us in real life.

However, lo and behold, things just aren’t that cool in reality. It’s literally the same reason our lives haven’t become musicals yet, either (still crossing our fingers for that one). But we all try to do our best to somehow replicate these kinds of scenes through our portable music devices. So that’s why we have decided to craft this week’s playlist for all the would-be cool kids who don their leather jackets and sunglasses while they do their “cool movie walks” down Telegraph Avenue or Sproul Plaza with their open expressions of awesomeness not caring what anybody thinks of them.

  1. Rob Dougan “Clubbed to Death
  2. DJ Shadow “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
  3. HEALTH “Tears
  4. Joan Baez “Here’s to You
  5. Derek and the Dominoes “Layla (Piano Exit)
  6. CombiChrist “Throat Full of Glass
  7. The Horrors “Scarlet Fields
  8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Zero
  9. The Dead Weather “Treat Me Like Your Mother
  10. The Verve “Bittersweet Symphony
  11. George Baker Selection “Little Green Bag

For the uninitiated, nailing the “cool movie walk” is actually a simple step-by-step process. First off, pick one of the songs from the playlist that best suits your fancy and put it on play. Next, stand still in the middle of a crowded environment and think a really dramatic thought. It can be a thought about anything, but it must be made dramatic enough for you to stare off in the distance with an expression that screams that you’re the physical manifestation of brooding. For the guys, give your best Clint Eastwood or James Dean stare. For the girls, give your best Joan Jett or Uma Thurman. Once you’ve got that going, imagine that in the instant after having had your dramatic thought, a giant explosion has just rung out behind you. However, since you are too damn cool to even remotely care; it doesn’t even faze you. With that in mind, start your confident walk forward, and strut with just enough subtle attitude in your shoulders so that if someone were to take footage of you walking and put it in slow motion, it would look like something straight out of a Tarantino movie. At this point, resume a constant walking pace through the crowded environment with as little regard as possible toward people’s personal space until the song is over or until you have reached your destination.

So there you have it. It’ll take a little practice, but once you’ve got those steps down, the “cool movie walk” will be a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life. Anyway, definitely give this guilty pleasure a shot with this week’s playlist when you’re on campus!

As usual, the playlist is also available on Spotify!

Image source: pix.plz under Creative Commons.