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STRFKR: Miracle Mile

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FEBRUARY 19, 2013

Ever since the release of their self-titled first album in 2008, STRFKR (Starfucker) has been making quite the name for themselves. Yes, the name itself is rather obnoxious, but their modern-day electro-pop sound is nothing short of phantasmagorical. This month comes the release of the band’s fourth record, Miracle Mile, and simply put, it is damn good.

The four-man indie electro-pop group originated in Portland, Ore., as a solo project by Joshua Hodges (vocals, keyboard, guitar and drums) under the alias Sexton Blake. The project has since evolved into STRFKR, after several name changes and member additions. Their psychedelic tunes are featured nearly everywhere — on TV shows, commercials, movies and so forth.

From start to finish, Miracle Mile entices with its twangy guitar riffs, downright catchy hooks and overall ethereal feel. It opens with the first single of the album, “While I’m Alive” — a dreamy confection of layered vocals and funky bass lines. The rest of the record follows in a similar fashion. While there isn’t much variation in the songs, besides in length, this doesn’t strike one as necessarily a bad thing.

Another favorite from the album is the track “Atlantis,” which starts off with video-gamelike instrumentals and repetitive drumming, immediately catching one’s ear before Hodges even begins crooning the opening lyric, “You are an angel / I am the aftermath.”

Miracle Mile is everything you would expect in a record from STRFKR — easy to listen to, fun and addictive with a hint of the ‘80s thrown in as well. The quartet will be heading out on tour later this month, making a stop in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom on March 1st.

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FEBRUARY 20, 2013

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