7 reasons you haven’t switched to bMail

We know many Cal students have not transferred to the new bMail server yet. Even though there is a message on your CalMail home screen that reminds you to “start using bMail now!,” many of you ignore it. We think it’s better if you do move your mail, but here are a few reasons we assume you haven’t switched over.

You’re busy. This is self-explanatory. You meant to make the switch last semester, but finals got in the way. Then you meant to switch over winter break, but let’s be honest: Most of you were busy sleeping and wanted as little contact with Berkeley as possible. Now you’re back in class, and midterms are right around the corner so once again you’re going to ignore bMail.

You hate Google. We don’t know why. You don’t even know why. You just hate anything related to Google, and so you hate the “Google-driven” bMail. You probably also hate puppies and unicorns.

Your professors had problems with the switch. Faculty and staff, unlike students, do not get to choose when they switch to bMail. Each department is assigned a month to move their mail. Now that you’ve heard horror stories of lost emails and papers, you’re scared to switch as well.

The “Before You Move Checklist” is not available. Here is a legitimate reason that you have not switched. You want to read the “Before You Move Checklist,” with instructions for you to complete before transferring your emails. Unfortunately, the link to the checklist is broken and leads to a “page not found” message. Maybe there isn’t anything important on this checklist. But for those of you who have important emails on the CalMail server, its absence is not encouraging, and that’s why you haven’t switched.

It infringes upon your rights as an individual. Perhaps the Berkeley hippie in you has finally come out. You like SquirrelMail or RoundCube, and a new email server is just another way for the system to tell you how to communicate with others. Who is the university to tell you that you must conform to a new server when you’re already set up on the old one?

Your CalMail is transferred to another Gmail account. You already have your CalMail messages forwarded to your personal email account, and so you never log into CalMail anyway. Switching to bMail would just repeat a process you’ve already done.

You’re just plain lazy. At the end of the day, this may be the only issue. The switch from CalMail to bMail is inconvenient and, as of right now, pointless. Until the university decides to start deleting email accounts or holding your messages for ransom, there is little incentive to switch.

Image source: World Tipitaka Foundation by Dhamma Society, under Creative Commons

Update: Since publishing this blog post, bMail has recently upgraded their website to fix with some of the problematic links. The link on the first page of http://movemymail.berkeley.edu now works properly.