Five reasons the new Facebook search was made for stalkers

Facebook is slowly rolling out Graph Search, making Facebook stalking even easier. Unlike the old search, which was clunky, the new search is powerful and has a clean, modern design that delivers fast and accurate results. Facebook stalking is no longer just for the creepers — it’s for the masses, and here’s why:

1. You can search in plain language
The best part about the new Facebook search is how intuitive it is.You can search in plain English. Let’s say you have a friend named “John Doe.” You can search “pictures of me and John Doe,” and all the pictures of you and John Doe will come up. But that is just scratching the surface. You can search “single males who go to UC Berkeley,” and up comes a neat list of profiles of all the single males who attend UC Berkeley. And it’s more than just a list. With each name comes a profile picture next to the person’s basic publicly listed information. The new search possibilities are endless. You can search “my friends who like my profile photos” or “my friends who like The Daily Clog.”

2. You can refine your search
Once you do a search, a gray box appears on the right that lets you refine your results. Let’s say we search for “people who go to UC Berkeley.” From here, we can narrow our results by, among other things, gender, relationship status, graduation year and degree. A gold digger could not have designed a better search tool than this. It feels like Facebook is actually encouraging us to stalk random strangers.

3. It generates lists of strangers with their profile pictures blown up
The new search is sleek and beautiful. Part of the reason for this is that the search prominently uses profile pictures in the results. It’s much bigger than the size of the picture you used to see when you looked up people. In this much bigger view, only about four listings vertically fit on the screen at a time. Having strangers see your face in more detail is now a reality you’ll have to live with unless you want to set you profile picture to private.

4. You can search for just photos
Just to emphasize: The new search makes searching for photos way easier than it should be. You can look up photos of a person. You can look up photos of you and a person or photos of a person and another person you aren’t even friends with. You can look up photos of a person that you have liked or photos of you that have been liked by another person. The possibilities are endless and rather creepy.

5. You can search by place
You can also search by place, like by a city or a school. You can search for friends who go to another school or live in a certain city. It’s just another, albeit useful, way to narrow down your results.

The new Facebook search is extremely powerful and allows you to navigate Facebook faster than ever before. We only scratched the surface of what it can do, and Facebook will surely add more functionality in the future. Currently, there is a waiting list for Graph Search, but if you add yourself, you should get off that list pretty quickly. The new search is a big upgrade to Facebook, and whether you like it or not, it’s coming. Facebook stalkers, rejoice.

Image source: Daniel Radding, The Daily Californian