4 people you hate to see at a midterm

Hand completing a multiple choice exam./File

Massive amounts of cramming, stress and lack of sleep make midterms at Berkeley a guaranteed source of headaches. Once the exam actually rolls around we’re usually pretty happy just to sit down and get it over with, until we realize there’s another midterm menace: our fellow classmates. With midterms around the corner, the Clog compiled a list of annoying types of people that make us tick during tests.

1. The Cougher

When taking an exam, there always seems to be that one person who sounds like they should be in the ER rather than taking a test. Although we can’t help feeling a bit sorry for these troopers who manage to get through the midterm ordeal while sporting a cold, we also think it’s hard enough to concentrate on getting the Progressive Amendments right without having to listen to the person behind us blowing their noise with a sound reminiscent of the Horn of Gondor.

2. The One Who Needs to Take it Easy

This is the person that literally can’t wait to take the exam. Identifiable characteristics include tapping the desk impatiently with a pen or pencil, bringing ten extra pencils, properly putting all other material underneath their chair and shushing other classmates as the test is being handed out. Once the test’s gotten started, you can pick out this person from the sound of their pen going to town on the paper at a speed that we suspect constitutes a serious fire hazard. To this type of test-taker, we’d only like to pass on the following message: relax — you’re kind of scaring us.

3. The Insistent Inquirer

It’s always nice to take a moment and collect your thoughts before the trial by fire known as taking an exam begins. This person, however, isn’t going to let you do that. As you take a deep breath and try to clear your mind there’s bound to be that inevitable tap on your shoulder followed by an assault of questions. “Hey, what’s the Homestead Act again? What’s the significance of the lovers reuniting at the end of the novel?” Once the exam drops down on our desk this person’s managed to make us completely confused of everything from the exam material to our mother’s name. Thanks a lot.

4. The Latecomer

You’ve gotten settled in Dwinelle 155, the midterm’s been passed around and you just figured out a genius answer for the first exam question (well, some kind of answer at least). Then the unavoidable happens. You look up to see the person that just arrived ten minutes late trying to get to the empty seat on the other side of you. Oh, you’d like to get through? Sure, we’ll just fold our stuff up, get up and awkwardly let you squeeze by, no problem. Or, on second thought, how about you just get here on time like the rest of us suckers.

Image Source: albertogp123 under Creative Commons