Local Limelight: Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave/Courtesy

During the last cold, bitter weeks of December and January, you know the number one thought on your mind was this: How will I ever hear about any local bands? Fear not, as Local Limelight is back, kicking off this week with a local band that has resurfaced in the last year. If chill guitar and silky, crooning tunes get you going, then Oakland’s Rogue Wave is a band for you. With an album coming out later this year, the band is known for lead singer Zach Rogue’s charming vocals and the band’s comforting sounds that range from gently picked guitar strings to upbeat dance vibes. Keeping things relaxed, here’s their song “Lake Michigan”:

If you dug that, you can try to stand outside Bottom of the Hill in SF to hear them play their sold-out show as part of Noise Pop. Other than that, stay tuned for their new record.

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